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State Fire hosting V-SAFE grant Q&A

January 28, 2022

South Carolina State Fire is accepting applications for Volunteer Strategic Assistance and Fire Equipment (V-SAFE) grants and State Fire Marshal Jonathan Jones is hosting a Q&A on Tuesday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. via Zoom for those who have questions about the application process. Applications are due Feb. 11. 

According to State Fire's website, "Chartered volunteer fire departments and chartered combination fire departments with a staffing level that is, at least, 50 percent volunteer are eligible to receive grant funding.

A chartered fire department that receives a grant must comply with the Firefighter Registration provision of Act 60 of 2001 and sign the statewide mutual aid agreement with the South Carolina Emergency Management Division. The amount of the grants awarded shall not exceed $30,000 for each eligible chartered fire department, with no matching or in-kind money required. A chartered fire department may be awarded only one grant in a three-year period."

Get more information on V-SAFE grants on the State Fire website.

Here is the Zoom meeting link. Meeting ID: 841 1985 6730; Passcode: 354295

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