Cancer Coalition

May-Decontamination - Week 2 After Gross Decon & While Still on Scene

May 10, 2021

Gross Decontamination on scene after a fire is paramount in starting the process of getting healthy after a structure fire. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Firefighters have really made strides showing there process and it has been repeated all over the United States but even here in South Carolina. Wipes in exposed areas where contamination can happen are paramount. There are many companies providing these products with all having the same overall goal. Protecting you after a fire. THE RISK 84,000 different chemicals potentially in the soot of fire that are known. SOPs and SOGs have been developed in so many departments for cancer prevention from annual medical exams, gear exchanges (turnouts, hood and gloves). We have also seen mandatory showers and units going OUT OF SERVICE while the crews decon the apparatus, gear and themselves to further protect everyone. A simple search on google you will find so many SOGs but the first one you will find is from LA County Fire Department at the link below.

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