Cancer Coalition

May-Decontamination - Week 1 PPE/Bunker Gear Decon

May 3, 2021

We as firefighters know that firefighting is dangerous, but the invisible dangers are much more dangerous leading to major health issues for firefighters. Below is a dust study done by Tyler Harrison demonstrates processes of cross-contamination from bunker gear to individuals, equipment, the fire station and even family members. This video shows the real life challenges all firefighters face. Another article from our own state with Myrtle Beach Fire Department shoes the 5 steps for gross decon post fires. This highlights a great process for our firefighters to protect themselves but also each other from the dangers of cancers and such. The IAFF has been paramount in the fight against cancer. The below PDF explains why firefighters should be wearing SCBA through overall. The second PDF describes ways to reduce your exposure to carcinogens.

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