Clyde B. Spills Instructor of the Year Award Application

Clyde D. “Red” Spillers, Jr. served with the Hanahan Fire Department, the Lake City Fire Department, and was Chief of the Williamsburg County Fire Department. Red Spillers was a South Carolina Certified Fire Service instructor whose 2,700 hours (from 1971 to 1988) of instruction taught training firefighters throughout the State demonstrates the extent of his dedication. The South Carolina fire service was Red Spillers extended family and, as such, gave many hours of instruction without compensation to ensure that anyone in need of training received it. He also worked unselfishly and diligently with others to develop the early firefighter training courses offered by the SC Fire Academy. Chief Spillers was well versed in a variety of fire service issues. In addition to firefighter training, he made presentations to community groups on fire prevention, first aid, and C.P.R. The Award is presented to the fire service instructor who best exemplifies the qualities of this esteemed fire service professional.

Nominee Criteria

  1. Has longevity and well-rounded experience in the fire service and in fire service education.
  2. Exemplifies leadership qualities as an educator.
  3. Demonstrates dedication, dependability, and unselfishness in the training of others.
  4. Uses his or her educational skills to not only train members of the fire service, but also educate the general public in fire prevention. The nominee has made a significant contribution to fire service training at either the local or state level.