Cancer Coalition

Survivor Stories: Chief Tracy Williams

March 26, 2021

Creating a space for firefighters and their families who have battled and defeated cancer is a privilege and an important part of the South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Coalition’s mission. In addition to the weekly Scope of Cancer in Fire Service updates, SCSFA is periodically sharing cancer survivor stories. We’re proud to elevate the voices of survivors so that their stories are heard.
Westview-Fairforest Fire Department Assistant Chief Tracy Williams’ story begins in 2009 when he was diagnosed with Stage 3A melanoma. The AIM at Melanoma Foundation describes Stage 3 melanoma as, “tumors that have spread to regional lymph nodes or have developed in-transit deposits of disease, but there is no evidence of distant metastasis… regional melanoma.” Chief Williams underwent surgery to remove the cancerous lymph nodes and months of chemotherapy. In his testimony, Chief Williams discusses the side effects of treatment, describing it as “the worst flu case of your life.”

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