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November 17, 2022

We recognize that the South Carolina fire service – both in the career and volunteer sectors – is on the brink of a labor shortage crisis. Staffing shortages aren’t unique to the fire service but there are unique aspects of the fire service that makes filling those shortages a significant challenge. We hosted two summits this month, Workforce Limitations and Volunteer Criticality, to allow for an open and honest conversation about the issues you’re facing and to figure out the next steps.

Panelists for the Volunteer Criticality included Chief Tony Dicks, Chief Sam Brockington, Chief Jason Pope, and Chief Daniel Werts. Workforce Limitations panelists were Chief Joey Tanner, Chief Brian Horton, Chief Greg Bulanow, Chief Jamie Helms, and State Fire Marshal Chief Jonathan Jones. 

Departments from the Lowcountry to the Upstate and everywhere in between were represented at both events and we thank those of you who made the drive to Columbia to participate in either discussion.

Summaries of the Workforce Limitations Summit and Volunteer Criticality Summit are available. Please share this information with your network.

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