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Membership cards: It's time to update your info in the database

December 1, 2022

Members of the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association will pick up their new membership cards at Fire-Rescue, June 14-17, 2023 in Myrtle Beach. These newly issued membership cards will be your access pass to Fire-Rescue 2023 and for future Association events.

Now is a prime opportunity to make sure your personal information with the Association is correct and current.

The information shown on the membership cards will be pulled from the Association’s database, the Member Management System. It is the members’ responsibility to make sure their information is correct and up to date. You can login to the database and update your information at any time.

First time logging in?

If this is the first time logging into this database you must select “Forgot Username?”. You must provide the email address that is listed under your account.  An email will be sent providing you with your username.  If the system is unable to locate the email address, you must contact the administrator for the database of your fire department to determine the email on file. If no email address is listed in the database, one must be provided to your administrator.

Note that the affiliated department displayed on your membership card will be the department that pays your dues. If the department on your membership card when you receive it is incorrect, please contact the chief of that department to remove you from the roster and have your current chief add you to the correct roster.

Membership card information must be updated by January 31, 2023. Any changes made to your information after that date will not be reflect on your membership card.

For those unable to make it to Fire-Rescue in June, membership cards will be sent back with a department member in attendance or mailed to your department.

Update your information.

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