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Finance and Audit Update

October 11, 2021

The Finance and Audit Committee is chaired by 1st Vice President Josh Holzheimer, Deputy Chief with the City of Greer, and the following personnel from across the state serve on the committee:

The committee has been very active this year already. We met in July, August and on September 2, 2021 to work with staff to produce and finalize the 2021/2022 budget. The annual budget was presented to the Executive Committee and staff at the Fall Retreat in Hartsville, South Carolina and on Friday, September 10, the Executive Committee voted to approve the budget as presented.

Here are some of the key items in the budget:

Now that we have the budget behind us, our next area of focus will be the annual audit, which will be completed and presented to the Executive Committee in March of 2022. While Green Finney LLP is working on the audit, the Finance and Audit Committee will be working to develop committee policies.

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