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Changes to your membership invoice

May 14, 2024

One of the fundamental pillars of the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association is to provide our members with benefits.

The cost of membership is included in your annual department invoice. Currently, the annual cost is $40 per person, broken down into $9 membership dues and a $31 member benefits package.

Examples of member benefits package include: 

We’ve always worked to maintain the best possible coverage while keeping premiums at a minimum cost. Now, a decade since a change in member benefits package pricing, the cost of the member benefits package is increasing $10 in order to maintain current coverage and secure future coverage. It is anticipated that this increase will allow us to continue to provide our benefits package and seek future opportunities for our membership.

South Carolina Firefighters Insurance Services, chartered in 2005, was formed by the Association to provide the highest quality of product and services at the most affordable pricing to our members.

“It is our goal to keep the price of our member benefits package as low as possible because we exist to support South Carolina firefighters. Keeping the cost of the member benefits package at the same rate for the last ten years has been challenging at times, but with rising insurance costs, maintaining the same $31 rate is no longer feasible,” Member Benefits Director Zorrina Harmon said. 

“South Carolina Firefighters Insurance Services is a tremendous asset to our membership and to the Association as a whole,” Executive Director Jamie Helms remarked. “The services they provide are critical for the state’s fire service, and their customer service is top-notch. The price increase for member benefits package will allow SCFIS to continue to provide excellent coverage for the needs of our members for several years to come.” 

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