Cancer Coalition

April Science & Research-Week 4 -Fire Fighter Cancer Cohort Study (FFCCS)

April 26, 2021

Established in July 2016, the FEMA-funded Fire Fighter Cancer Cohort Study (FFCCS) research project provides a national framework to collect and integrate firefighter epidemiologic surveys, biomarkers and exposure data focused on carcinogenic exposures and health effects. The long-term goal is to follow long-term 10,000 firefighters over a 30-year observation period. This study is ongoing. Research Aims:   Anticipated Impact:  Through the course of this study, research activities and results are expected to establish the framework necessary for the subsequent development of a large multicenter cohort study of cancer in the fire service. It will also advance our understanding of firefighter exposures to carcinogens and help identify biomarkers of carcinogen effect and cancer risk.

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