Delegates Selection

Delegates Selection

For three years now, the Association has used a feature that allowed registered delegates to cast their vote online for the 4th vice-president position on our Executive Committee. Like previous years, we will only offer online voting for the 4th vice-president position.  That means selected delegates must have a registered email address on their membership profile in the Association Member Management System (MMS, online database).  All registered delegates will be required to vote online for the 4th vice-president position. There will be other items to vote on in-person during the conference, so it is still very important that delegates attend all business sessions.  If a selected delegate cannot attend the conference in person, he can still cast a vote online for the 4th-president position.

Delegate timeline:

  • Now – May 31: Fire chiefs must select delegates using the MMS
  • June 1 – June 15 (1:00 PM): Online voting will be open for registered delegates.

During the voting period, delegates will receive an email with a unique link tied to their email address that will allow them to vote (link takes them to Survey Monkey voting tool).

This notification is also being emailed to our current list of department Fire Chiefs. If you have not previously submitted your email address or did not receive the email,  please can sign up HERE.

Please contact our office if you have any questions.

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