One Percent

All 1% Expenditure Forms must be submitted online through the SCSFA Member’s Management System (Database). To access the database, click the button below. 

Need an overview of the 1% Program? Check out the video above.

Are you involved in the 1% Fund for your department? If so, this 1% Regional Training is strongly recommended. To learn more about this opportunity and to register, click HERE!

Need a copy of the class presentation? Click the graphic below to download the PowerPoint.  

1% Guidelines & Laws

Required 1% Annual Reporting must be completed by January 31 through the database. (Form 206 & 207)

Firemen’s Insurance and Inspection Fund (1%) Handbook

Click the graphic above to view and download this “must have resource ” for all S.C. fire departments. 


All expenditure forms are submitted online through the SCSFA Database. The following forms are for worksheet purposes only. The One Percent Signature Page (Form 201) is on database submittal page.  

Revised 12/17/19

Revised 1/7/19

Revised 09-28-11

Local Board of Trustees

Individuals that serve as members of the Local Board of Trustees of the fire department. Form 205 does not need to be submitted unless there have been changes.

Revised 7-21-17


The Association conducts audits of local 1% funds as part of its fiduciary responsibility to ensure proper state funds use and financial compliance.

Revised 1-8-19

Revised 12-22-2010

Revised 5-11-15

Contact Information

The 1% staff is here to assist and answer questions. Please email or give us a call:

General Contact Information

Phone: 800-277-2732
Email: [email protected]


One Percent & Member Services Coordinator

Phone: 803-454-6595
Email: [email protected]

1% Accounting Services


Phone: 803-939-5900
Email: [email protected]