What’s new with One Percent?

What’s new with One Percent?

WOW! What a great turnout for the 109th Fire-Rescue Conference.  I would like to thank everyone that attended this year’s Firemen’s Insurance & Inspection Fund Seminar.  We had tremendous participation, and I hope the attendees gained some information they were able to share with their departments when they returned home.

If you were not able to attend, I would like to highlight some topics of the meeting:

  • The two newest members of the State Supervisory Committee were introduced.  They are Jason Dennis from Clarendon County FD, and Chief Bill Ale from North Spartanburg Fire & Emergency.
  • We discussed the online submission of Forms 206 and 207, which was implemented for the 2014 reporting year.  I would like to remind each department if they did not receive an email stating the Association approved the forms, chances are, they have not been submitted.  We still have some departments listed as non-compliant in submitting their forms.  If you are unsure of your department’s status, you may contact our office to verify.
  • Also during the meeting, Larry Finney, CPA with Green, Finney & Horton, LLP presented this year’s audit results.  The results along with basic accounting overview for the fund have been posted on our website under the “One Percent” tab.
  • The last topic that I would like to mention is one that I am very excited about: submitting expenditure requests online.  The Association’s goal is to implement the option for the 2015 reporting year.  This will enhance the ability to retrieve information and increase the approval turnaround times for all requests.  We will provide additional information as it becomes available.

With the assistance of our members, I feel we have made vast strides toward improving and protecting this vital fund for our association.  However, over the past three years the trend for departments requiring follow-up audits after their initial audit has remained approximately fifty percent.  I encourage everyone to review the documents that have been posted.  My challenge to all departments is to reduce the number of follow-up audits for next year.

If you or your department has any questions regarding the Firemen’s Insurance & Inspection Fund, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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