Voting at Fire Rescue 2015

Voting at Fire Rescue 2015

Last year, the Association implemented a new feature that allowed registered delegates to cast their vote online for the 4th vice-president position on our Executive Committee. The response was great and the majority of delegates voted by this new method. We did allow delegates without a registered email addresses to vote in person, and only 60 persons did so. This year, we will only offer online voting for the 4th vice-president position.  That means selected delegates must have a registered email address on their membership profile in the Association Member Management System (MMS, online database).  All registered delegates will be required to vote online for the 4th vice-president position. There will be other items to vote on in-person during the conference, so it is still very important that delegates attend all business sessions.  If a selected delegate cannot attend the conference in person, he can still cast a vote online for the 4th-president position.

Delegate timeline:

  • Now – June 3: fire chiefs must select delegates using the MMS
  • June 5 – June 12 (1:00 PM): online voting will be open for registered delegates
    • During the voting period, delegates will receive an email with a unique link tied to their email address that will allow them to vote (link takes them to Survey Monkey voting tool).

We also have a new email list designed just for S.C. Fire Chiefs. You can sign up HERE.

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