On behalf of President Keith Minick and the Executive Board of the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association, we invite you to the Virtual Fire-Rescue 2020 Conference, June 11-13, 2020.


Unfortunately, the uncertainties of COVID-19 led us to the decision to cancel our in-person SC Fire-Rescue 2020 in Columbia, S.C., but with today’s technology we are able to provide you, our members and guests with the Association’s first virtual conference. #VFRC20


The mission of the SC State Firefighters’ Association is to serve our members as a leader in education and the vision of this virtual conference is to deliver an incredible experience as if we were all together in-person, to provide a forum for debating and discussing issues relating to the fire and rescue services in South Carolina.


Virtual Fire-Rescue 2020 will be FREE, but if you enjoy it please consider making a donation to the SC Firefighters Foundation.  Your donation can assist the Foundation’s mission – to support firefighters, their families, to better inform the public about the accomplishments and demands of the fire service.  With the cancelation of the conference we have also lost multiple necessary fundraising opportunities for the Foundation; events such as the golf tournament, Columbia Fireflies Baseball, Stair Climb, auction and others.


The Association has created a page on our Fire-Rescue SC website, to provide details of the virtual conference; how to register, an itinerary, the panelists, and much more.  So, please take this time to visit the site.  We continue to add content daily so check back to learn more about this unique opportunity.

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