The SC State Firefighters’ Foundation: A Great Public/Private Partnership

The SC State Firefighters’ Foundation: A Great Public/Private Partnership

What is a public/private partnership, and why does the SC Firefighters’ Foundation qualify as a great one?

All public agencies work on budgets and there are many needs that compete for funding.   There are certain services that are critical for public safety and conservation of life as well as property. Such programs are an indispensable key to a community’s success.

The people in our communities have come to expect high performance from their fire department. So how can a public agency be the very best it can be fulfilling all our citizens expect?

A public/private partnership offers individual citizens, businesses and corporations a way to increase their investment in community security.

Since public funds for fire and life safety programs may be fixed or strained, other resources must be pursued. In the case of the fire service, one source of funds that offers great opportunities is the SC State Firefighters’ Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated entirely to the improvement of fire and life safety outcomes in our state.   Private sector businesses, industries and individual citizens are contributing to fund activities in addition to what public funds can provide.

The SC State Firefighters’ Foundation is a great public/private partnership because all private contributions to the Foundation go to support firefighters and their families, as well as safety programs. Your return on investment is real and Foundation contributions can be seen supporting fire departments all across the state.

Improved fire and life safety programs benefit our communities. The reward to firefighters is the pride they have in the work they do for your family and mine as well as their own.

Increasingly, a great place to generate resources for firefighters is the Foundation. Very specific and focused programs are in place to insure all funds collected are used to develop firefighters and fire departments throughout the state. The seven Foundation Trustees, all of which are senior professional firefighters from across the state, determine the programs funded.

The Foundation contributes to a better fire service by supporting firefighters. Better firefighters add up to a better South Carolina for all of us.

The SC Firefighters’ Foundation is truly a great public/private partnership. Learn more about the SC State Firefighters’ Foundation at

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