One Percent Dos and Don’ts

One Percent Dos and Don’ts

Your Supervisory Committee is working hard and reviewing hundreds of one percent requests as fire departments finalize their budgets for the upcoming year. During this process we see many different requests. Some are clearly not allowed by state statutes, some are questionable and the largest number of requests meet the guidelines and are processed as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help each member department spend their portion of this fund in a responsible manner that meets the guidelines and state statutes of the Firefighters’ Association.

The following lists of requests are divided into two categories:  generally approved and not allowed. We hope these lists help you and your members make decisions in the best interest of all South Carolina departments.

Requests generally approved:

  • Dues and subscriptions that benefit the entire membership
  • Most supplemental insurance programs
  • Retirement programs that meet the IRS code 457 and SC code of law 23-9-460
  • Training that is not a requirement of your department and that is available to all members
  • Some fire prevention supplies that supplement the department’s efforts
  • Drill night suppers, $10.00 per member
  • Holiday dinners, $30.00 per member
  • Awards, plaques, etc.
  • Incentive programs that are approved by the Association
  • Most furniture requests
  • Health and fitness equipment
  • Kitchen/coffee and condiment items (not food for meals)
  • Flower fund (not in lieu of requests)
  • Gym memberships
  • Cable, satellite TV subscriptions, etc.
  • Internet service
  • Game stations
  • Class A uniforms
  • Tee shirts, jackets and hats with FD Logo
  • Some signage for recruitment and fire prevention

Requests not approved:

  • Gifts, gift cards, cash disbursements
  • Alcohol
  • Guns or ammunition
  • Hunt club memberships
  • Charitable donations
  • Station renovations (rarely approved)
  • Equipment that enhances ISO requirements (radios, bunker gear, etc.)
  • Cell phones
  • Required safety equipment (responsibility of the dept.)
  • Entertainment trips or events
  • Security systems
  • Tablets (ex. iPad) for all members (only 2-3 for training purposes)
  • Bunk room furniture
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