SCSFA Asking Departments to Complete New Recruitment Profile, Seeks Firefighters to be Featured in Recruitment Campaigns

SCSFA Asking Departments to Complete New Recruitment Profile, Seeks Firefighters to be Featured in Recruitment Campaigns

The South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association’s SAFER grant-funded recruitment efforts include features to bolster your department’s presence on our soon-to-be revamped statewide recruitment website:, as well as a casting call for volunteers who showcase the best of what our fire service has to offer.

We’re asking for your help on two fronts:

  • Create Your New Department Recruitment Profile at
    • Our revamped site will soon include searchable profiles of departments seeking volunteers throughout the state.
    • The profile includes key information about your department, what type(s) of volunteers you are seeking, multimedia including featured photos and videos, as well as real-time content from your social media channels.
    • We ask you please have your department’s recruitment lead complete this form by Monday, April 2. It should only take about 10-15 minutes.
    • Prospective volunteers will be able to search by their location, interest and more; learn about your department and submit an interest form about volunteering that will go directly to your department’s recruitment team. As the site gears up, we will be using a variety of channels going forward to drive prospective volunteers to it and to your department’s profile as well via locally-targeted online marketing campaigns.


  • Casting Call for Featured Volunteers & Those with Unique Stories
    • We are seeking to identify 15-20 volunteer firefighters, first responders, support and administrative volunteers, juniors and explorers to be showcased across a variety of our recruitment marketing channels.
    • These members may be included in photo shoots, videos and more to tell the story about why they became a volunteer, why they love it and what they’d tell others interested in learning more about joining the South Carolina fire service.
    • If you are a volunteer interested in being among the faces of the South Carolina Volunteer fire service (or know someone who should be!), please complete our casting call form at
    • We ask you submit the form by Friday, March 30th.
    • Did you join the volunteer fire service because of a personal experience? A family connection? Your love for community? Or do you just love being a volunteer firefighter or fire service team member and want to help spread the word and grow our state’s volunteer ranks! We want to hear from you!


These efforts are being developed by First Arriving, the marketing team we’ve partnered with to lead these creative recruitment marketing programs. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or SCSFA Recruitment & Retention Coordinator Bryan Riebe at [email protected].


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