South Carolina Selects First Arriving to Lead Major Upgrade to Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Efforts

South Carolina Selects First Arriving to Lead Major Upgrade to Statewide Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment Efforts

COLUMBIA, SC (February 26) – The South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association has selected leading fire services agency First Arriving to drive new marketing programs aimed at growing the volunteer firefighter ranks throughout the state.

The major components of the program include development of a new statewide, searchable recruitment website with profiles of every volunteer and combination department as well as a documentary about the firefighter program in the state’s Career and Technology Centers and High Schools.

The South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association is excited to announce a partnership with First Arriving,” SCSFA’s Bryan Riebe Recruitment & Retention Coordinator said. “Our joint efforts are in supporting our member department’s volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention outreaches.
First Arriving team members are marketing masters and their end-products are top-shelf.”

Efforts will also include recruitment marketing programs across multiple media platforms including social, search, TV and radio; integrated recruitment tracking; best practices education for departments on recruitment and retention; new video campaigns and more.

“Our team is excited to create a great platform and dynamic marketing programs to drive a new generation of volunteers to learn about and join the South Carolina fire service,” First Arriving Founder Dave Iannone said. “As volunteer firefighters ourselves, we understand the unique passion and prospective recruit needs to become a part of a volunteer fire department family.”

The project is funded by the SCSFA’s Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Services Response (SAFER) grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Many of the programs developed will support the state’s recruitment efforts beyond the life of the current SAFER grant.

Volunteer and combination departments across the state will soon be contacted by First Arriving to provide information for their new online profile. The SCSFA and First Arriving will also be seeking featured firefighters from across the state to participate in recruitment videos and other efforts to drive awareness about volunteer opportunities. These announcements are forthcoming via SCSFA’s social media and other member communication channels.


The South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association, based in Columbia and founded in 1905, provides education, training, benefits and representation to the fire departments of South Carolina. For more information go to:

First Arriving, based in Virginia and Maryland, is a leading marketing and technology agency focused on the fire and emergency services. The company, led by lifelong firefighters, develops comprehensive website, recruitment, fund raising, marketing and technology solutions for fire/EMS departments, industry businesses and non-profits. For more information go to:

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