SCSFA Life Safety responds after Oakland Warehouse Fire

SCSFA Life Safety responds after Oakland Warehouse Fire

Everyone is watching carefully as the events continue to unfold in Oakland California. Here in the Palmetto State we would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to consider such an event and whether or not it could possibly happen here. Fire Officials statewide work tirelessly to prevent such tragedies every day, but the general public can do a great deal to assist us and to prevent such a horrific loss of life.

All places where South Carolinians gather are required to meet certain safety standards. Unfortunately, some occupancies are opened, operated, and altered without following proper protocols such as permitting, licensing, and inspection. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that have suffered loss in California, and around the country, and we honor them by acknowledging that hazards can exist and hazards can be prevented.

“Public safety is everyone’s responsibility. If we all work together we can minimize the potential of such a tragedy occurring here at home” stated Lee Levesque, President of the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association Life Safety Section. We ask the public to be vigilant as they move through businesses and gather to celebrate holidays and private functions.

  • Look for a business license in plain view as required by law
  • Aisles should be clear of debris and allow for easy exit
  • Doorways should never be blocked
  • If there are large numbers of people in the business, protect yourself by knowing where ALL the exits are in the event of an emergency
  • The best and first line of defense in any structure, new or old, is an automatic fire suppression sprinkler system
  • If it looks unsafe to you, it likely is – report it to the owner or your local fire department or both

Anyone, business owner or patron, who has questions or concerns about anything safety related are strongly encouraged to contact their local fire department, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, or the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association. Contact information for any of those agencies can typically be found through a simple online search or by visiting your local fire station.

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View Irmo Fire Marshal (Ret), Jeff Allen, response below.

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