Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation has two scholarships opportunities available: Chief Larry Williams Scholarship and the Sam Carbis Scholarship. Applicants must be members of the South Carolina Firefighters’ Association and in good standing with his/her agency and the Association.

Each of the scholarships has unique guidelines and criteria so please read the application guidelines for each carefully before applying.

The Chief Larry Williams Scholarship was established to provide up to $1000 for training or education to career or volunteer firefighters.

The Sam Carbis Scholarship was established to provide up to $1000 for initial firefighter training to volunteer firefighters. This training includes in-state recruit schools such as the SC Fire Academy’s 8-week program or other regional academies.

Application Checklist

Before applying, applicants need the following documents:

Letter of recommendation from your Fire Chief
Letter of recommendation from someone of your choosing
Three References

Statistical Form (Optional)

The application period will open on February 1st and close on October 31st each year. 

For more information or if you have a question, email [email protected]