SC State Fire Class Announcemnets

SC State Fire Class Announcemnets

New Online Course Available!

The Functional Fitness for Public Safety online class is an awareness program bringing the elements of wellness and health together. Whether your department is in the beginning stages of building a fitness program, making changes to current policies, or just needs new material for existing programs, this course provides an exceptional foundational and applicable fitness knowledge for first responders.

The course emphasis is on proper movements, utilizing functional fitness, and job tasks. Along with tutorial videos, the student will also obtain information on how to put together wellness programs while understanding multiple facets of health, fitness, behavior, and diet. This program will be the first installment of many programs to come from SCFA and SCFFIT groups. Click here to visit our Open Courses and enroll in Functional Fitness for Public Safety.


NFA’s Chemistry for Emergency Response Returns!

If you missed NFA’s Chemistry for Emergency Response in March, here’s another chance to attend this free 10-day course.

North Charleston Fire Department (Station 2) is the host site for this NFA course being held June 18-29, 2018.

This course is designed to prepare the responder to function safely at the scene of a hazardous materials incident by understanding the potential hazards. This is accomplished by gaining recognition of chemical nomenclature and basic principles of chemistry in order to assess risks to responders and the public. The course seeks to convey to first responders, or prevention personnel, a sound understanding of the basic chemistry of hazardous materials to permit them to correctly assess the threat posed by hazardous materials incidents that may occur accidentally or intentionally.

Problem-solving sessions and interactive discussion cover topics such as salts and inorganic non-salts, hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon derivatives, and hydrocarbon radicals. Applying the science of chemistry to thermodynamics, volatility, and combustion provides real-world opportunities. An understanding of basic chemistry is helpful to receive maximum benefit from the course.

Who should attend? This course is appropriate for emergency response personnel who have responsibility for analysis, management and/or tactical response to hazardous materials incidents, fire prevention inspectors, hazardous materials inspectors, regulators, and planners where knowledge of the chemical behavior of hazardous materials is essential.


Incident Command System ICS-100-level and ICS-200-level training
Preferred courses: Q0462 and Q0463 (available through NFA Online)
A chief’s signature attesting the applicant has completed the required prerequisites.

Click here to complete registration. If you have questions, please email Amy Williamson.

Training Site Address

2800 Carner Ave.

North Charleston, SC 29405


FFC’s Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy Coming in July!

State Fire is hosting this introductory survey course to fire chaplaincy covering the requirements for the Basic Fire Chaplain Certificate for the Federation of Fire Chaplains (FFC). During this course, the chaplain will cover topics such as Ministry to Firefighters, Ministry to Fire Victims, Death Notifications/Dealing with Difficult Deaths, Critical Incident Stress and Stress Management, Fire Department Funerals, Ethics, and Fire Chaplain Operations.


This is the first required course toward receiving an advanced chaplain certificate through the FFC.

Fee: $100 for in-state residents, $200 for out-of-state residents. This fee includes meals and the $25 FFC fee. It also covers the FFC certificate and training record maintenance.

While not required, the FFC manual can be purchased from

Click here to complete registration for this course.


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