SC Firefighter Cancer Coalition Launches Webpage & Initiative

SC Firefighter Cancer Coalition Launches Webpage & Initiative

The South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Coalition is launching a webpage and initiative to keep the South Carolina Fire Service informed about firefighter cancer, “Firefighters and Cancer: What you need to Know.” 

The SC Firefighter Cancer Coalition (Coalition), a group of seven fire service agencies to construct legislation that would provide a SC Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan for the SC fire service, which is now law (Act No. 168).  The Coalition was formed in October 2019 and developed the following purpose statement: “A coordinated and collective effort of the leading South Carolina Fire Service agencies providing advocacy, education, and support in the fight against firefighter cancer.” Member agencies of the coalition are: Carney Strong Initiative, Firefighter Cancer Support Network of South Carolina, Professional Fire Fighters Association of South Carolina, South Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs, South Carolina Forestry Commission, South Carolina State Fire, and the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association.

The Coalition continues in its efforts to support legislation that would fund Act 168 and to develop a webpage that would provide the resources from each of the agencies of the Coalition to keep the SC fire service informed. To that end the Coalition has developed an initiative, the “Firefighters and Cancer: What you Need to Know”. 

The “Firefighters and Cancer: What you Need to Know” initiative is a 12 month informative project to discuss a specific firefighter cancer topic with a related message each week of that month.  Initially, this project would have been launched on the SC Fire Service’s Legislative Day at the Statehouse.  Due to COVID restrictions the in-person day was canceled so the program will be launched on Monday, March 1, 2021.  The topics will be posted in a blog format which is located on the Coalitions webpage, This webpage will also hold vital information and resource links concerning firefighter cancer.

We encourage our fire service to use the webpage and follow the Coalition’s blog.  If you have any questions or recommendations please do not hesitate in contacting the Coalition at [email protected].

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