SC FAST Announces Grand Strand Region and team of coordinators

SC FAST Announces Grand Strand Region and team of coordinators

As the SC Firefighter Assistance and Support Team grows, we are fortunate to continually add exceptional individuals who ensure this program’s success. It is with great pride that I announce Tim Walters and Matthew Bernacchi, both serving in the City of Myrtle Beach Fire Department, will team up as coordinators for the newly formed Grand Strand Region of SC FAST.

From Captain Timothy P Walters, City of Myrtle Beach Fire Department:

With over 20 years in the fire service I have learned that our most important resource is our people. Assisting our state’s firefighters achieve a well balanced approach towards work and life while navigating the emotional stress of our job continues to be a very rewarding endeavor. As firefighters we see and do many things that others do not understand. Properly trained peers can act as first responders when it comes to stress and other behavioral health issues that firefighters may encounter. Becoming a part of the South Carolina F.A.S.T. program has been a tremendous experience for me. The work that these groups of well trained, compassionate, and caring people do each day around our state is remarkable. I believe in always paying it forward, and I am incredibly honored to be a part of such a professional, well run organization. 

From Matthew R. Bernacchi, City of Myrtle Beach Fire Department:

I believe that there is no greater purpose than to be of service to others.  I have been in the fire service for over ten years, and I find that one of the most intriguing and rewarding parts of this job is paying attention to the psyche.  Keeping a balanced mind and maintaining a steadfast, positive mentality is very important to me.  In our profession, we respond to incidents and have experiences that can take us places that are difficult to navigate through on our own.  We are all susceptible to hurt and pain.  We must remember that we are a team.  We are a family.  And together, we can stand side by side and help one another navigate through the difficulties.  Our South Carolina FAST program is a tremendous asset for all of us to have.  Its worth and value is incredible.  I’m honored to be associated with it, and I look forward to contributing to its growth.  Peace.    

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