What’s Up with the Foundation

The S.C. State Firefighters’ Association Endowment Fund was established July 11, 2001 as a Foundation through which firefighters, fire departments, corporations and citizens may contribute financially to promote any of the following:

  • efficient and effective firefighting
  • increase public awareness in the area of fire and life safety
  • enhance Firefighter public image
  • provide educational opportunities for firefighters and their families


The firefighters of the state can cooperatively work to find better ways of protecting the lives and property of their fellow citizens from the ravages of fire and disasters. The South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association Endowment is dedicated to the truth that man is at his best when “He’s Helping His Fellow Man.”

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Staff contacts:

Mr. Phil Leventis, Director of Development

FireWire Blog post: A Brief History of the Foundation 

The SCSFA Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Leadership Institute. 


811 Run Columbia presented a check for $2109 with the proceeds from the 811 race. Ted Hewitt, Modern Woodmen of America also presented a check for $500.

Foundation fundraisers
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The Foundation Trustees are as follows:

Note: The Foundation has 501(c)3 status and therefore all contributions are tax-deductible