Award forms are used to nominate worthy personnel who merit awards.
All forms are online below. If you require a pdf form to complete, contact Ashley Bolton directly. 

Deadline for all Award nominations is January 31.

Jeffrey Vaden Chavis
Medal of Valor Award

The Jeffery Vaden Chavis Medal of Valor is given in extraordinary cases to firefighters who risk their lives going above and beyond the call of duty.

James B. Murphy
Firefighter of the Year

The James Murphy Firefighter of the Year award is given annually to one person who best exemplifies the characteristic of a firefighter.

Meritorious Award

The meritorious action award is given to reward selfless action above and beyond the call of duty.

Hall of Fame Award

Nomination for induction into the Hall of Fame for firefighters with exceptional service records.

Clyde B. Spillers
Instructor of the Year Award

The Clyde Spillers Award is given for extraordinary dedication and length of service in training and leadership in the fire service.

Fitness in Action Award

The Department Health and Wellness Award is given to one Career, one Combination, and one all-Volunteer Fire Department that has made significant contributions to improving one’s lifestyle or that of its members as a whole.  All nominations will be evaluated by the Health and Safety Committee and submitted to the Executive Committee for selection. All awards will be presented at the annual conference.

Lifetime Achievement Award 

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals which have committed their careers to the betterment of the Fire Service of the State of South Carolina beyond their local communities and have demonstrated achievements of superior notoriety.

Media Award 

The Media Award is given to public media for positively publicizing the South Carolina State Firefighters Association.

Citizenship Award

The Citizenship Award is given to people who may or may not be members of the fire service, but who have contributed through
local civic activities, service to the state or to the Association.