Online Voting at Fire Rescue 2014 by Joe Palmer

Online Voting at Fire Rescue 2014 by Joe Palmer

Fire Chief:

The By-Laws Committee has been working diligently this year to offer a method to ensure that all member departments have an equal chance to cast ballots for delegates running for Association office.  To accomplish this, an on-line voting system has been created.  Your delegates will not have to attend the conference to cast ballots this year.  This is a huge step forward in ensuring fair opportunity for all members.

To start this process, you, the Chief or your Association database designee will need to log in to your Association account and follow the directions in choosing your 2014 department delegates.  You will receive an email confirming the choice of your delegates and the delegates will receive an email stating that you have selected them as representatives.  On-line voting will require that your delegates have an email address.  If they do not have or we are not provided an email address, the delegate is still able to vote at conference as they always have been able to do.  Again, to vote on-line will require you to place an email address in the database for the member selected as delegate (delegates not having an email address will be assumed to be voting at the Conference). Your delegates will be contacted by the Association, through email, on the voting process.

Typically, we have around 325 persons voting at conference.  It is the goal of the Association to increase this number significantly, and your help in this new easy process will help.

Our thanks,

Joe Palmer

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