Officer Section

The SCSFA Officer Section Kickoff on Sept 27 featured the Interim Section Presendent Chief Steve Kovalcik challenge to the new section.

Officer Section Mission 

The mission of the Officer Section of the Association is to provide information, education, services and representation to both Volunteer and Career Officers. The goal of the Section is to enhance their professionalism and service to community. This will be accomplished by distributing to the Section members training and networking information such as; fire service legal aspects for volunteer and career officers, budgeting process and procedures, legislative updates, 1% procedures and issues, recruitment and retention, diversity, grant applications, apparatus specifications and purchase, etc.

Section Officers

Section Chair – Captain Andrew Morris, Newberry Fire
Section 1st VC – Battalion Chief Ricky Jenkins, Dorchester County Fire Rescue
Section 2nd VC – Inspector Tammy Tolbert, Sumter Fire
Section Secretary – Chief Tommy Rivers, Pageland Fire
Past Section Chair – Chief Stephen Kovalcik, Greenville City Fire

Webinars, Podcasts, and Recorded Videos

Webinars, Podcasts, and Recorded Videos are open to all members of the Officers Section.

Our Section will host webinars, podcast, discussions and meetings to improve middle, and ultimately upper level management, in our home fire departments. 

Password is provided to all section members via email. 

Password Required

Click the Member’s Only button to access section webinars, podcasts and recorded videos.

Upcoming Live Events

Recent Recorded Events

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership explores the often needed skills associated with modern fast paced fire service cultures. Skills which often aren’t taught, but are of high value in a well rounded leader. The Servant Leadership series uses several settings to show applicability of the leadership models associated with any fire department leader and strives to offer concepts to create a more well rounded leader.

Leadership Tactics, Tips and Truths
Recorded January 12, 2019
Fire Service Improvement Conference
-David Harrison, Jr., Pierce Manufacturing

Your Team and the Law Webinar Broadcasted December 13, 2018 Capt Pete Reid, Bluffton Township

Mentorship – Tailboard Sessions Podcast


BC Vaigneur and  Chief Carter Jones talks about leadership, mentors, and mentorship. (Posted 2.4.19)

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Recorded events will be posted by the day after the live event on the same link. This on-demand feature will allow you to watch at your own schedule. 

To sign up for the Officer Section, please complete the form below. 
Section membership is available to those individuals who are at the rank of Lieutenant and above and are Regular, Affiliate or Associate members of the SC State Firefighters’ Association.