Legislative – How

To accomplish our legislative agenda, the Association thrives on having a network of local contacts, a strong presence at the Statehouse, and organizing special events.


Local contacts must exist such that the Association can quickly get in touch with a firefighter who knows his or her elected official and has the trust and report established to bring our concerns to their attention. Let the Association know if you have just such a relationship – you are important in the process of meeting our objectives.


A strong presence must be maintained when the state general assembly is in session and the Association accomplishes this by being a registered lobbyist principal. As a lobbyist principal, the Association employs the use of a lobbying firm to make sure that we are ever vigilant, present when needed, and well represented at sessions and hearings. A good lobbyist must represent the Association which has the highest of moral and ethical standards that match those of the Association. The Association is fortunate to currently have just such a relationship with: Stewart, Konduros, and Associates.


The Association is proud of the evolution of our annual spring time Legislative Day which is held each year on the statehouse grounds. If you have yet to attend, please view the Association calendar and make plans early to be a part of one of the highlights of the Legislative calendar in Columbia. The Association provides an on-site venue for bringing together our members, with the members of the General Assembly and their staffs. This Legislative Day is a luncheon that showcases the issues and concerns of our states firefighters for the elected official to hear and feel. Get involved and attend the annual Legislative Day.