Firefighter Cancer

Please take part in the firefighter cancer survey. Results will be used for education, prevention and legislative purposes. This survey is for SC Firefighters but no Chief of Department.


This is my fight” is a South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association campaign to reach all firefighters, especially the youngest generation. 

You can win this battle; This is YOUR fight!

In the development of this page, we filmed for hundreds of hours.  During that time, we did capture some really funny bloopers. Click here to have a laugh on us.

We would like to challenge any department or group of firefighters to share videos of your cancer reduction steps as outlined in the Firefighter Cancer Support Network poster.  Post to twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ThisIsMyFight and tag the SC State Firefighters’ Association.  Let’s make a difference in the next generation of firefighters.


Immediate Actions You Can Take To Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Click the boxes to see all videos submitted to #ThisIsMyFight

This Is My Story: S.C Firefighter Cancer Survivors 

Cancer database graphicSCSFA Cancer Database

If you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer or are a survivor, we want you to tell us. This database takes only a few minutes but could have a life time of help for others.  To access the database, click here.

Department Spotlight: Recognizing member departments who are taking the initiative 

We would love to recognize your department. If you have taken steps to educate and eliminate Firefighter Cancer in your department, let us know.

Tyger River Fire

Other resources and links:

Sample SOGs and other Resources

Fire Service Innovation in Safety Symposium, October/November 2019 Everyone Goes Home (EGH) Advocate Newsletter, October 25, 2019

Cancer Risk Reduction Measures at Structure Fires Sample SOG – Submitted by Chief Scott Garrett, Westview-Fairforest Fire Department

Cancer and the Firefighter by Dr. Bill Jenaway


Video Resources