Help the NFPA help you

Help the NFPA help you

wr_nfpa_logoHELP US HELP YOU! Please ask the fire chief(s) or designees within your jurisdiction to complete the U.S. Fire Service Needs Assessment survey as soon as possible, and ensure that the U.S. Congress and USFA know where to allocate AFG funding among U.S. fire departments. If the survey is not completed, policymakers won’t understand the needs of your jurisdiction, and your needs won’t be met.

This video clip from the movie Jerry MacGuire shows just about how we’re feeling at NFPA these days when it comes the U.S. Needs Assessment survey. We want to help fire departments get the funding and support they need, but fire departments need to do their part!

Please ask your fire chief(s) or designee to complete the survey so the needs of the fire service within your jurisdiction are heard and met. We know everyone has hectic schedules, but promoting the survey is worth the time!

The survey can be accessed and returned online at In addition, a print version of the survey was recently mailed out for the second time last week to all U.S. fire chiefs.

Please contact NFPA’s Research and Analysis division at 617-984-7450 with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help!


Hylton Haynes, M.S.

National Fire Protection Association | Senior Research Analyst | 617-984-7449 | [email protected]


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