Hall of Fame Award

The induction of an individual in to the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Hall of Fame can be for a variety of reasons. Paramount in the selection criteria for this award are the nominee’s contributions to the fire service at levels beyond their local fire department. The individual should have clearly left their mark on the South Carolina Fire Service. The name of this individual should be recognizable by his/her peers, at a state or regional level, for actually participating in the improvement of the South Carolina Fire Service. There is no limit to the number of individuals who can be inducted in one year, but the individuals inducted are expected to be of the highest quality and clearly worthy of recognition at the state level.

Individuals must meet the following criteria:

1. The nominee must be a member of the Association and must have been active in the South Carolina Fire Service for at least 15 years

2. The nominee must have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the fire service beyond the local level. Participation in regional, state, and /or fire service endeavors are preferred. This may include active involvement in fire service legislation, codes, training, landmark state or regional fire service programs, etc.

3. A South Carolina firefighter who dies in the line of duty will be inducted into the Hall of Fame automatically, independent of the criteria outlined above, provided the Subcommittee on Awards of the Executive Committee, finds no hard evidence that inducting the individual would discredit the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association.