Firefighter Memorial Service Guidelines

Memorial Service Guidelines

Honoring a member who has passed away starts by filing a claim.

Once a Department has been notified on the death of a member the following must be completed:

A copy of the Death Certificate, copy of the obituary, Association Beneficiary form on file with the department at time of death and a picture of the member must be sent to the SCSFA office at PO Box 211725, Columbia SC 29221.

Please note that in the absence of a beneficiary form, a written letter on department letterhead stating name, address, and phone number of next of kin is required.  In the absence of the beneficiary the next of kin will be notified and will be required to complete an Affidavit of Payment packet.

After completion of all necessary documentation the claim is then processed and funds remitted to the Association office.

Immediately after the death payouts are received, checks will be mailed to the Fire Chief of the Member’s department.

Once the Chief receives the death payout it is their responsibility to deliver the funds to the next of kin. The Chief must sign and return the dispersement verification letter enclosed with the check to the Association office.

Once the Association receives the dispersement verification letter from the Chief the claim is closed

Once information above is submitted and received, the member is placed on the Memorial program list for the following Fire-Rescue Conference.Please note that those members honored are based on date of death.  

The program is based on a calendar year schedule.  All deaths from January 1st to December 31st or honored at the following Conference in June. Exceptions are made for dates of deaths prior to January 1st of the new year that were not previously honored.

Every February the member’s family will receive a letter with Memorial/Fire Rescue Conference information.

Every March the member’s department will receive an escort letter with Memorial/Fire Rescue Conference information.

Every May the member’s family will receive an invitation to the Memorial Service.

Additional letters will go to the departments and families of those members being honored who have not submitted a picture.Please note that the Memorial Service is to honor our loved ones that have passed.  


To make this tribute memorable pictures are needed for the service.  We strongly encourage everyone to submit a picture of their choice.  We prefer a Fire Department Picture be included.