February FireWire Update

February FireWire Update

Greetings from 111 Westpark Boulevard in Columbia!

2013 has been a very busy year. The transition to our new online database has kept our staff very busy assisting you, the customer, with this new way to submit rosters and forms. Judging by the high level of participation, you have been doing a great job! The database project will expand this year by offering one percent expenditure submissions and processing. As we consider the online database and all that it offers, it is important to update your personal contact information regularly. Currently, your department account holder can only do this. In the future, we plan for each member to have online access to update his or her personal contact information such as email address and primary phone number.

This year has also brought the completion of our office renovation project. As you know, CPM closed its branch that occupied part of our building, and with their closing, we have expanded our operations to utilize the entire building. The next time you are in Columbia, be sure to stop by and check it out.

Here are a few upcoming events you should know about:

  • March 6 – annual fire service legislative day. To participate, meet on the statehouse grounds at 10:00
  • March 31 – deadline to submit scholarship applications
  • April 10 – annual Line of Duty Death memorial service at the Fire Academy
  • April 12-13 – Leadership Development seminar to be held at the White Oak Conference Center. There are costs to attend this event, so please check the website for details
  • June 10-15 – Fire Rescue Conference in Myrtle Beach. This year’s theme: “One Fire Service, One Unified Mission”

Ways to stay connected with us:

This FireWire post has also been emailed to our database membership. 

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