Design Contest for New South Carolina Fire-Rescue Conference Logo

Design Contest for New South Carolina Fire-Rescue Conference Logo

For 10 years, the Association has used a logo and design concept for our member’s annual conference. This conference is undergoing significant changes, none the less of which is a new location to Columbia in 2018. As part of this change, the Association would like to re-brand the conference with a new logo. To do that, we think the best way would be to engage the creativity of the membership in a competitive process. The Association is asking those interested members to submit a camera ready quality, innovative, and professional logo design for SC Fire-Rescue. The logo should be recognizable and help promote our profession’s mission and image.

The contest begins on January 1, 2017. Submissions will be accepted through March 31, 2017. The winning design will be announced Spring 2017.

All entries must be:

  1. Submitted directly to Jenna Pritchett at [email protected]
  2. Submitted in the original source file
  3. Submitted as high resolution .pdf and or .eps file

Design submission requirements:

  • Professional – This logo will be featured on numerous multi-media platforms and will serve to represent the fire service and its major South Carolina training conference. Eye catching yet legible. Modern yet symbolic. This logo must be reproducible and scalable for large and small formatting.
  • Theme – This logo must represent a theme of training and support South Carolina firefighters as well as a larger fire service market.
  • Color – There are no limitations and any color scheme may be used. Logos must look good in black and white as well as color presentations. Color schemes should again reflect the profession.
  • Integrity – This logo must not contain copyrighted material outside of the Association’s copyrighted logo.

Winners will be selected by a team of fire service professionals, citizens, and artists. Contestants agree by submission to allow the Association to use and publish their design on any and all marketing material. Contestants reserve no ownership rights to the logo including all intellectual rights and the Association reserves the right to alter the logo if chosen. Further, the Association reserves the right to not select a winner of the contest if submission do not support the objective.

The design winner will receive recognition and publicity on all media forms the Association offers. The designer will be offered the opportunity to attend Fire Rescue 2017 and display his / her work and offer autographed copies of the new logo in the Association booth. Expenses for the design winner to attend Fire-Rescue will be paid.

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