Chavis Award

Jeff Chavis was a firefighter for the Lexington County Fire Service. While battling a house fire on June 16, 2001 he was caught under flaming debris when a garage ceiling collapsed on top of him. Jeff was taken to the burn center in Augusta, Georgia, where on July 12, 2001 he died from his injuries.

Valor is described as, “STRENGTH OF MIND AND/OR SPIRIT THAT ENABLES A PERSON TO ENCOUNTER DANGER WITH FIRMNESS AND PERSONAL BRAVERY.” Jeff not only showed these attributes in the face of danger, but also in the face of death. This award is dedicated to his spirit of valor. This award is one of the highest awards to be presented to an individual for his/her actions. It shall be awarded only in exceptional cases (it will not be a yearly designation) involving a hazardous performance of duties that risk the life of the individual. The act performed, or the service rendered shall be above and beyond the call of duty, of an extraordinary nature and which exposes the life of an individual to extreme danger or results in the loss of life. Documentation of the action should be in depth and with more than one witness