Behavioral Health Benefit to First Responders in SC

Behavioral Health Benefit to First Responders in SC

As of October 1, 2016, the State of South Carolina has provided all Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, all Volunteer and Career Firefighters and Emergency Medical Responders funds to help those suffering from stress related incident based behavioral health issues.  The funds are to provide coverage for any out of pocket expenses for those receiving treatment, and to provide training and prevention opportunities to help save, protect, and retain our First Responders in South Carolina. The policy language and claim process is outlined below:


If an Insured Person suffers psychiatric or mental stress illness as a direct result of either being actively engaged in a single emergency incident or repeated active engagement in emergency incidents, a Mental Stress Management Benefit, in accordance with Section IV of this Policy, subject to the Maximum Benefit Amount shown on the Policy Schedule of Benefits $15,000 is available. The Insured Person must be receiving care by a Physician properly licensed to provide such care and the care must be appropriate for the condition causing the psychiatric or mental stress.


Once an Insured Person has a standing appointment with a licensed provider please contact Benefits Director Zorrina Harmon via email: [email protected] or mailing address: PO Box 211725, Columbia SC 29221. A claim form (First Notice of Claim) must be completed by the Insured Person. A licensed provider may complete the form on behalf of the Insured or contact Zorrina Harmon for clarification on payment methods and options. If any persons have questions or concerns, please call 803-807-1099.

First Notice of Claim

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