A brief history of the S.C. State Firefighters’ Foundation

A brief history of the S.C. State Firefighters’ Foundation

Almost 100 years after the S.C. State Firefighters’ Association was started in 1905, it sponsored the S.C. State Firefighters’ Foundation. The date was July 11, 2001. And the Foundation’s purpose was simple: support firefighters and their families, and better inform the public about the accomplishments and demands of the fire and life safety professionals who are career and volunteer firefighters in our state.

The Foundation is charged with helping firefighters and their families with educational opportunities, especially those that enhance the professional skills required for modern, scientific fire and life safety programs. It can fund the very productive Leadership Institute produced by the Association. Two very significant programs are produced by the Association. FAST, the Firefighter Assistance and Support Team is dedicated to emotional health and well-being of firefighters and their families. LAST, the Local Assistance State Team, provides assistance and comfort to the family and department after a line-of-duty death and helps file for Federal, state and local benefits. Both can be fully funded by a robust Foundation. Lastly, the Foundation can increase public awareness in the area of fire and life safety as well as enhance firefighter public image by having a spokesman available to travel the state to interact with the media and civic organizations.

Your S.C. State Firefighters’ Foundation has the potential to positively impact all firefighters. We need support across the state to build a strong Foundation for the future.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or to find out how to bring your support to the Foundation.

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