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Program Updates:

“Reaching Out,” Helping our Own, is a program presented by the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association in cooperation with the South Carolina Fire Academy, the National Fallen Firefighters’ Foundation and the South Carolina Department of Mental Health to address the behavioral health needs of our state’s firefighters.


FAST Team Peer Training

Our primary focus is to provide awareness level training to all of our state’s firefighters to assist in recognizing daily stressors, both in their personal lives and during their fire department service.

This effort is being led by the Association’s Firefighter Assistance and Support Team (F.A.S.T.) which consists of  fire service personnel who will deliver the initial Behavioral Health Awareness training. The F.A.S.T. Team will provide this training to our state’s firefighters, upon request, and will participate in a comprehensive plan to develop a statewide Peer Outreach program for all of our members. As the program grows, the Team will continue to be an advocate for the development of a plan to provide access to clinical services through the appropriate health care professional for our firefighters and family members in need of that level of care.

Our goal is to provide our firefighters with information and training to enable them to meet the challenges of their everyday personal and work lives. We will achieve these goals through a commitment to excellence and the highest respect for integrity, unique culture, and traditions of the firefighting community.

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For more information, please EMAIL US or call the Association office at (800) 277-2732.


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